Company Profile

      Beste Electric Co., Ltd. located in a "China Electric Capital," said Liu Wenzhou City, the location, convenient transport facilities. Founded in 2006 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, covers an area of 50 mu, building area of 15,000 square meters and currently employs more than 270 people, including high, intermediate technical titles more than 40 people, with all kinds of mechanical cutting Cold processing, electrical instrumentation equipment more than 100 sets, as well as a full set of high-voltage test equipment 12-126KV devices. Annual output value of 300 million yuan.   Long-term commitment to excellence in providing reliable, high-voltage electrical products for the transmission and distribution systems, is specialized in producing various operating mechanisms, indoor and outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, various high and low voltage switchgear equipment manufacturing enterprises, but also a collection R & D, production, sales, as one of the science and technology enterprises.

     The company has a strong technology, excellent professional quality of the workforce. The company developed its own CT14 spring operating mechanism, within VBST1 indoor high voltage (solid sealing) vacuum circuit breakers, VBST1A indoor high (side-mounted) vacuum circuit breakers, permanent magnet vacuum circuit breakers, load switches, explosion-proof circuit breakers, as well as new CT10-a spring mechanism, outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker ZW32, ZW8, ZW10, ZW20, FZW28 etc. is praised by the industry, more new research and development, has a number of patents VBST3, VBST9, VBST11, VBST15, FZN62 (VBST16), FZRN21 (VBST18) and other products, has become a well-known state-owned enterprises and large domestic enterprises preferred products, sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Transmission and distribution rehabilitation and construction of the country to make a positive contribution.

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