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2014 power construction industry Summary

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Booming capital market reflects the value of living

The end of 2014, the eyes of the whole society to focus on the Chinese stock market. In the surprise of attention among Chinese power construction shares several times daily limit. In fact, China Electric Power Construction round rose momentum already apparent. The stock market rise and fall, reflects the profound pace of SOE reform. Deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, the reform of state-owned assets is imperative to achieve form and forms. With domestic and overseas capital market, accelerate state-owned enterprises listed as a whole, it is to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises an important way.

 As early as October 18, 2011, "China's hydropower" initial public offering of A shares, the same day the highest increase of 38.44%, on turnover of 7.05 billion yuan, showing a rising trend contrarian. With the pace of separation of major reform, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises chess game step by step swing. In the competitive and constantly promoted the background, China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "China Electric Power Construction") active joint-stock reform, on January 2, 2014, backdoor "China Hydropower" to achieve some ticker renamed "China electric power construction", the overall market just around the corner.

 Early in the last century, now part of China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "China will build") of China Gezhouba Group Company Limited had landed A shares. As China can rely on the platform to build the future of the overall market, Gezhouba will play an important role in the process of asset restructuring reform. December 19, 2014, China will build its wholly-owned subsidiary of Power Planning and Design Co., Ltd., initiated the establishment of the China Energy Construction Co., Ltd., the registered capital of 21.6 billion yuan. The same day, China Construction Co., Ltd. was founded Energy Conference and general meeting of shareholders held in Beijing, marking the Chinese will build a major breakthrough in reform, reform and development to a new level, moving toward the goal of listing positive.

Engineering: change is not just the title

 In the electric power construction boom in business transformation and upgrading, to engineering companies in transition, to build international engineering companies all of these enterprises become the new development strategy.

"Engineering company" continues to heat up the heat in the industry.

 International Engineering Corporation generally refers to an international, business diversification, modernization of technical equipment, scientific project management, operations management of the main features of localization engineering companies generally have strong financing capability and the ability to fully functional project general contracting .

In 2013, China's power industry, general contracting design of new contracts amounted to total 77.112 billion yuan, an increase of 37%, completed a total contract amounted to $ 39.49 billion, an increase of 25%. EPC showed a rapid growth in the power sector construction. Many companies are also acutely aware of the development trend of the international engineering construction, have accelerated the design, construction, operation and maintenance aspects of the integration of resources, continue to work with the parties involved in promoting the project through priority development general contracting business enterprises to seize the project historical opportunity transform the company to accelerate the pace of transformation engineering company.

 It is foreseeable that, from the design, to engineering construction enterprises has become the main electricity company in transition to build the company's future development. But note that the process of transformation of the substance to the project company is to promote business enterprises from a single business, to include the design, procurement, construction, post and other services, including a full range of integrated services project management process of transformation. Enterprises need to address the lack of good project management personnel, the existing organizational structure suited to the internal transformation of ideas and so many problems.

"Along the way" to lead the new sea routes

 Faced with the domestic infrastructure market slowdown, the construction of the two groups in the early days invariably center of gravity toward the overseas market, made it clear priority to the development of international business objectives and strategies. In 2014, in "all the way along the" craze swept through the capital market at the same time, with this national strategic opportunities, electrical construction companies expand overseas fruitful.

Core "along the way" is the interconnection between countries, namely communication from traffic, power grids, to infrastructure investment facilitation, which is electric power projects and enterprises build infrastructure for the core business of high degree of fit, and that "all the way along the" main five Central Asian countries and ASEAN countries is covered by our electric power construction enterprises "going out" of the traditional market.

 Under this strategy led, last year, China Power Construction Group has awarded Sri Lanka tower Pete Gullah reservoir project, Bangladesh signed the largest sewage treatment project EPC contract, signed Trinidad and Tobago's first foray into large-scale sewage treatment project contract , beat a number of internationally renowned oil and gas engineering company, the contract price of nearly $ 1.3 billion signed in Saudi MGS gas booster station project EPC contract. China Construction Group have signed Jordan can Atta LVL 554,000 kilowatts of fuel shale power plant EPC project general contract, the winning BiH Tuzla thermal power station 450,000 kilowatts thermal power engineering, procurement and construction contract (EPC) contract, signed Peng Jia Nakai water expansion project Phase II project EPC contracts.

 In the "going out" process, the Electric Power Construction traditional hydropower, thermal power business to expand to many areas water, wind power, nuclear power, roads, railways, bridges, docks, ports, municipal, etc., will be infrastructure has shifted from Asia, Latin America the traditional focus on Central and Eastern European markets such as Africa to expand, so that China built the world's brand value and influence has been increasing.

Skelter: depends on the market have the final say

In 2014, two Electric Power Construction Group will deepen reform firmer, clearer thinking, but also more diverse path. "A gang of one", "big and small" homogenization integrated approach continued to play, Yunnan Thermal Power Thermal Power entirety Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai Electric Power Construction Power Construction included. At the same time, large-scale reorganization of the regional group has also become an important starting point to optimize the allocation of resources. China Construction Group can be consolidated on the basis of the three regions of Shanxi thermal power construction enterprises, the establishment of Shanxi Electric Power Construction Company. China Electric Power Construction Group to design, construction enterprises in Hubei Province will be the integration of the reorganization and integration, the establishment of China Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Hubei.

 Not difficult to find, involved in the reorganization of enterprises are mainly concentrated in the construction of thermal power sector, which is the construction of the two groups face the reality of the grim choice of thermal power construction market made. Survey, construction of thermal power capacity has reached one-third of the excess, and asset-liability ratio of thermal power construction enterprises has been high. "Adequate" so that enterprises felt the winter cold, and the "heating" which has become a strong driving force for sustainable development.

 Jianping, chairman of China Construction Group can work in the 2014 annual meeting made it clear that: "In greater determination and courage to promote reform, from conducive to enterprise development, will help strengthen the management, is conducive to safeguarding the principles of fundamental interests of the workers starting basic complete the reorganization and integration of electrical construction sector companies. "proved not only to strengthen the integration of internal resources needed central enterprise reform and development of their own, but also to accelerate the transformation of development mode, stronger, accelerating the development of the urgent requirement of world-class enterprises. In the future, the homogenization of integration, regional integration, integration of integration efforts will increase, standing at a new historical starting point, we seem to be able to a new insight into possible future development of Power Construction Enterprises.

Who have to win the next big data

 Digital wave, ever swept every corner of modern society, each chain. Big Data, the whole platform to become power construction industry trend. Like electricity from planning and design computer graphic design towards the same two-dimensional design, from 2D to 3D is a revolutionary leap. The new three-dimensional design software interoperability are emerging, the new rules of the game on the international construction market continued digital design put forward higher requirements, the new reshuffle of the domestic market share is expected to refresh the electric power design enterprises awareness of business and future direction in this never-ending relay race, who is at the forefront of the application of innovation, who will have to pull out of the competition in the industry to hold the event.

 Data is a resource, data is voice, data is the future. He said electric power planning and design data is the core competitiveness is not an exaggeration. In the separation of major reform of the electric power design enterprises restructuring, carding, everyone to seize the "data" as the core. Based on this knowledge, the power grid enterprises are also actively brewing infrastructure planning, the overall network design, operation data, and achieved initial results. This situation, no doubt for the competitive power industry planning and design Adds a fire. It can be said, was "big data" who was "the world."

Brilliant Stars "500": no longer a dream

 Separation of major reform was officially launched on the occasion of the World, "500" is a measure of the competitiveness of a ruler, is a vast market of one ticket. July 9, 2012, the US "Fortune" magazine published in 2012 in the world, "500" companies latest rankings, China Power Construction newcomers ranked 390, China ranked first in the list of 13 companies for the first time, marking the Group officially among the world's big companies and big groups ranks. Thereafter, this ticket is firmly in the hands of China Power Construction, which gold is increasing every year. 2013 World "500" ranking companies, China Power Construction ranked 354, up 36 over 2012. 2014 World "500" ranking companies, China Power Construction in annual revenues $ 36.8 billion ranked first list 313, compared with 2013 increased by 41. More good news is that China can also built in 2014 for the first time finalists list, ranked No. 465. This time Push-gun salute, after the reorganization of China marked the electric power construction enterprises, whether the enterprise scale and market competitiveness, have been in the transformation and upgrading of the road into the track of healthy development. Motor force, over the call, in meeting the market, given the stage of the fruits of reform Testimony: reform is a success.

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