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China ushered in the development of new opportunities for smart grid

Source:Beste Electric Co., Ltd. Release time:2015/6/10

Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued "on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization view" mentioned, accelerate new material nuclear power, wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation, new equipment development and promotion, to promote biomass power generation, biomass, biogas , geothermal, shallow geothermal energy, ocean energy and other applications, the development of distributed energy, smart grid, improve the operation and management system. Vigorously develop energy-saving and new energy vehicles, improve innovation capability and industrial level, strengthen the supporting infrastructure, and increase efforts to promote universal. This shows that our smart grid construction was again referred to new heights.。

Smart grid development to make social attention

"Opinions" put forward the main objectives of ecological civilization construction, by 2020, resource-saving and environment-friendly society construction has made significant progress, the basic layout of the formation of the main functional areas, economic development, quality and efficiency improved significantly, the mainstream ecological civilization values obtained in the implementation of the whole society, the level of ecological civilization construction and completion of a comprehensive well-off society to adapt.

Among them, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005 decreased intensity of 40% -45%, energy consumption intensity continued to decline, non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to around 15%; the total discharge of major pollutants continued to decline, the atmospheric environment quality, key river basins and coastal waters water and improve environmental quality ...... to achieve this goal, "opinions" to develop green industry, the development of distributed energy, smart grid construction.

Smart Grid can greatly enhance the ability to accept new energy grid, to achieve a wide range of resources to meet diverse customer demand for electricity. To this end, the world will accelerate the construction of smart grid energy strategy to meet the challenges arising from the restructuring. Grid technology to seize the high ground, to achieve grid development mode, the support structure adjustment and upgrading of China's energy utilization efficiency, the National Network officially launched in 2009, strong smart grid construction.

After several years of construction, development, the country has a comprehensive network from power generation to break through the technical areas of core electricity smart grid technology to promote China's grid technology achieved by the "follower" to "leader" of change in the international arena, the cumulative built 32 class 305 smart grid pilot projects such as national output scenery storage demonstration projects in the world's largest building, the highest level, the fastest, most complete varieties ...... especially this year, January 9, the State grid Corporation declared to the organization "national grid smart grid innovation project" won the 2014 national Science and technology progress award, marking the smart grid innovations are highly recognized by the community.

At the same time, to create a smart, efficient, reliable Green Grid, China Southern Power Grid is the overall goal of development. Among them, the smart grid is intended to standardize the information, integration, global technology, perception, intelligence, conduct grid round, the whole process, the whole element to monitor, diagnose, and improve the power grid, precise and appropriate decisions, precise control, fine management, support Power efficient, reliable operation.

China to promote strategic pivot green transformation

Currently, the United States, China and Germany are three types of smart grids in the world. Among them, the United States, also known as unified smart grid smart grid refers to the combination of a system based on decentralized national network of smart grid, including American Electric Power Grid to achieve intelligent, addressing the needs of distributed energy system to short and long distance, intelligent high and low voltage power supply network connection client, renewable energy, transmission and distribution optimization. Germany is a smart grid electricity to all energy generated in a power line are transmitted, but at the same time, its greatest feature is the application of a large number of IT technology, making it more like a piece of the Internet, and therefore are highly interactive sex.

Deputy Director of the National Energy Board Electricity Division Tong Guangyao said recently, in the process of gradually building a smart grid, there is a large demand for investment opportunities in the field, including intelligent scheduling platform, access to new energy technologies and promotion of photovoltaic, gas tri-generation distributed energy supply, as well as micro-grid applications in remote areas of investment, support energy storage, electric vehicles industries. Future smart grid will achieve deep integration with the Internet.

Smart grid development is room for further expansion

It is understood that the development of the smart grid is an important measure to promote the reform of China's power grid is to promote the implementation of the basis of our "along the way" of strategic development. Now, with a new round of electricity reform program implemented gradually further open the market, coupled with intense domestic build smart microgrids emerging industry competition, development of the smart grid will be expanded to some extent. To this end, in 2015, the State Grid Corporation plans to complete six categories of 41 innovative demonstration smart grid construction tasks, including support for new energy development projects, distributed power applications engineering support, promote and convenient electricity projects to promote electric vehicle development project, service smart city construction projects and intelligent power grid upgrading projects.

In addition, some analysts have pointed out that the next 10 to 20 years will be a key period of our smart grid construction, with a total investment scale smart grid is expected to be close to 4 trillion yuan. With the smart grid to enter an important stage further promote the construction of China's urbanization and the construction of a comprehensive, intelligent urban and rural distribution network will be fully opened, smart grid and intelligent equipment, intelligent power distribution, control systems and other three areas will ushered in the golden period of development.

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