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State Grid Corporation released new smart grid regulation system

Source:Beste Electric Co., Ltd. Release time:2013/12/31

June 29, the State Grid Corporation officially released "smart grid technology standard system planning" and "smart grid key equipment (system) Development Plan." Insiders pointed out that with the development of China's smart grid "road map" increasingly clear, related industries which will bring more than 1 trillion yuan of the tremendous business opportunities.

According to the State Grid Corporation of smart grid director Wang Yimin, the "smart grid technology standard system planning" is used to guide the State Grid Corporation of smart grid enterprise standard preparation of a programmatic document and technical guidelines, but also China's smart grid industry standards and national standards for the preparation important reference work; "smart grid key equipment (system) development plan" is the key to development work program of mobile devices, can be used as research, equipment manufacturing enterprises to develop guidelines, and also as to guide the development of related industries development plan in accordance with.

"Smart Grid is a new thing in the world, our country existing key equipment (systems) and technical standards can not meet all the requirements for the construction of smart grid. Establishment of a systematic, comprehensive, open and smart grid technology standard system has independent intellectual property rights imminent. "Yi-Min Wang said.

Smart grid will mainly focus on power generation, transmission, substation, distribution, electricity, and communications aspects of the six scheduling information platform construction, comprehensive coverage of all areas of conventional power system. Construction of smart grid will spawned a huge industry of cake, a huge business opportunity.

A long-term development on smart grid industry experts estimate that smart grid involves a lot of related industries, including electrical equipment, information and communications, new energy sources, of which only this one grid technology opportunities may be more than one trillion yuan.

It is understood that the international electrical giants have expressed optimistic about China's smart grid "the most development and the imagination of the market." Siemens Energy Sector Distribution Group CEO 柯瑞庭 said that in the next five years, the global smart grid opportunities arising will reach 30 billion euros, he is very optimistic about the development of China's smart grid.

ADD China general manager Robbin Luo made it clear that: "China smart grid applications will play a very important role in the company's future development, which gives ADD Semiconductor's advanced technology provides a broad application platform."

Schneider by the Chinese smart grid "huge opportunity" to attract, in May this year with its Asia-Pacific headquarters in China headquarters moved to Beijing Wangjing Science Park.

However, the 29 release of "smart grid key equipment (system) Development Plan" is clearly an important task of our smart grid development is "comprehensively improve the capability of independent innovation of China's power equipment industry, advanced manufacturing capabilities and technical ability to lead . "and that" will actively seek to develop programs into national key equipment 'first (set) of major technical equipment' project, '863' major project 'guiding Catalogue of independent innovation of major technical equipment', 'technology support program' and other major special. "

"Our smart grid construction will be based on independent innovation, to ensure technical quality of the premise, focusing on the use of independent products and technologies to enhance the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry." Deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of India Biao Shu represented.

The news will undoubtedly Chinese enterprises associated with the smart grid is a big plus. In fact, as early as May 2009 the national grid for the first time to the public of the "smart grid" development plan since the NARI, Huawei, ZTE and other domestic companies have to act as a smart grid industry fought over cake cultivate their own " appetite".

Even some companies that are independent of the power grid began to adjust the layout, enter the smart grid. For example, the Aerospace Technology Shenzhen Company announced the acquisition of two power equipment manufacturer --- Terry Shenzhen Jie Electronics Co., Ltd. and Xi'an bright Instrument Co., Aerospace Science and Industry plans to cut as a strong platform for smart grid construction industry; China pharmaceutical Li said, to sell its pharmaceutical companies to pool resources to get involved in smart grid.

State Grid Corporation of an expert analysis, despite the current domestic enterprises in the construction of power grids part of the equipment or technology has reached the international advanced level, but in the field of smart grid is still a wide gap. He reminded domestic enterprises, "to make more efforts in the core technology of key equipment of the smart grid."

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