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China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Branch of the high voltage switch is held in Xi'an

Source:Beste Electric Co., Ltd. Release time:2013/12/31

June 26 to 27, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Branch of the sixth high-voltage switch Governing Council and the second high-voltage switchgear intelligent development trend of the symposium held in Xi'an Jianguo Hotel, a total of nearly 700 representatives from across the high voltage switch industry enterprises to participate in the meeting. Zheng Jun, general manager of the Western High Court presided over the meeting.
At the meeting, conservation and technology equipment Energy National Energy Board Secretary Li Ye, Director of Science and Technology Department of Information Industry and the Ministry of tension over each made an important speech, reviewed the development of high-voltage switch industry, in affirming the achievements and analysis pointed out the current problems, and to develop new energy technologies, power transmission equipment proposed requirements towards internationalization and so on. Shen Jiang, Ye Ting, deputy director of the Road Department of Biotechnology, deputy director of the State Grid Corporation of smart grid unit, respectively, "the national grid smart planning" and "From the State Grid Operation of High Voltage Switchgear quality" made a special report on. The General Assembly of the high-voltage switch branch summarized the work in 2009, by 52 units for the new membership units, recognition of the 2009 Association of advanced units and members of the Association activists, and awarded high voltage switch industry products supporting the assessment of qualified enterprises certificate.

During the meeting, experts from a number of high-voltage switch industry, but also on behalf of "high-voltage switchgear for nuclear power standards" and "intelligent switch product development situation", "ring counter and box becomes intelligent technology" made by the current hot topics report, and with the participants conducted extensive exchanges.

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