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Specializing in the production

Source:Beste Electric Co., Ltd. Release time:2013/12/31

Currently, "VBST" brand's flagship product AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker from the inside VS1-12 type indoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breakers VBST1-12 type indoor, VBSTA-12 type indoor AC high voltage mounted inside of the vacuum circuit breaker and the permanent vacuum circuit breakers. Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker by the ZW8, ZW10, ZW20, ZW32 beginning and outdoor vacuum load FZW28. Explosion-proof vacuum circuit breakers, SF  6 RMU, indoor high voltage load switch and a variety of permanent magnet, spring operating mechanism are in the major areas of engineering systems play an increasingly important role in mine and trusted by the user. At the same time actively explore foreign markets, especially Southeast Asia and other countries and regions

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