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Good SEO Tips For Your Singapore Business Website

Getting a good SEO consultancy Singapore company such as Shark Web or Foretec will help you identify many of your current website’s weak points when it comes to search engine optimization (both on site and off site factors) as well as give you tips on how to improve it further. But luckily you’re on my website, and so I will also share with you some of the top tips when it comes to SEO.

1) Always make sure to name all of your posts and type in your meta description and tags / keywords appropriately. Do not leave it empty but also do not stuff it with nonsense. Make sure to name them all appropriately.

2) Talk about your business on local, related forums. This will help to give your website a nice little boost in the search engines.

3) Make sure to set up social media accounts for your business and website. Get onto Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and whichever that is relevant and will help you reach out to more suitable audience (e.g. there is no point using Instagram if you sell industrial ball bearings).

4) If it’s possible to get reviews on these social media sites, make sure to get them from your customers and hopefully they are good reviews with 5 stars!

5) Always link all your social media accounts with your business website. This way, Google search engine will know that all these web properties are actually highly connected and will reward your website with better ranking.

6) Remember to tag all of your photos on your website with the alternate tag. This is something which is ridiculously simple but many business owners actually forget or do not know they should do this. This is so as to allow Google search engine to index your images – otherwise it has no way of doing so.

7) If you have a blog on your website, try to keep it updated as often as possible while maintaining the quality of the content of the posts.

Finding A Web Designing Company In Singapore

Not every web designer or developer in Singapore are equally competent, and that is the reason why you need to know how to identify a good Singapore website design company. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect web design company in Singapore for you.

1) Always check their own website and ask yourself the following two questions:

– Is their website design the way you envision a web design company in Singapore would have it? As mentioned in my previous post, branding is a big part of a website’s design. Hence, if the company you are thinking of hiring or engaging cannot even achieve that for their own business, then they clearly would not be able to help you achieve your business goals.

– Do you feel like contacting them after reading the copy on their website? Does their website and call to action feel persuasive? If so, then they may be good and you can shortlist them, if not, make very sure not to choose them. This is because the second goal of a website is to get leads by converting website visitors into leads or customers. They must be capable enough of helping you perform conversion optimization.

2) Ask them for their portfolio and request to see at least a handful of the websites they have designed before. They should show you and you will then be able to see their general style of designing. Most Singapore web design companies have a particular ‘style’ if I can say so.

3) Check if their own website is mobile responsive. If their website is not responsive and mobile friendly, then there is a good chance they do not understand anything about SEO – because mobile friendliness is a very important SEO factor today in 2015.

4) Finally, check if they have any particularly good or bad reviews on social media sites or just any relevant websites.

SEO Versus Paid Advertising

As you may have known, SEO is the improvement of your organic rankings on search engines. This means that the only cost you will pay for, is the cost of the SEO services in Singapore, in another words, is the cost of getting your website shown on organic rankings on the search engine pages.

There has been the Nielsen study as mentioned in one of my previous post that shows that a huge majority of people prefer to click on organic results on search engines as opposed to those paid advertisement at the top of the organic results. This is one of the major advantage of getting Singapore SEO services as compared to paid advertising on search engines – much larger traffic in organic results. There is a common mindset to avoid advertisement by people in the current times. Whenever we see advertisement, we get turned off and it just spoils our mood. We relate advertisement to businesses trying to hard sell us products. Hence, this explains why people avoid clicking on paid advertisment on search engines. Those organic results, however, are not well known to people that they can be improved on search engines, hence can also be used as a form of advertisement or marketing for businesses. Due to this information assymetry, people relates organic search results as highly relevant to whatever things they are searching for and would be highly pleased to click on them.

Comparing SEO and paid advertising, SEO services are definitely cheaper over the long term. If you do your SEO in Singapore right, the results will remain for a long time. Just make sure to get your SEO from a good company in Singapore such as Shark Web. Hence, your cost of SEO services will be spread across many months. For paid advertisement however, in some competitive niches, the cost of each click can go up to 50 dollars. Imagine just 10 clicks a day will set the business off by 500 dollars. The business will incur a cost of 15,000 dollars a month. That is quite insane. Couple with the chance that your competitors may click on your paid links, you will be losing money for naught. SEO do not have this disadvantage as the number of clicks is not limited. Hence, there can potentially be huge cost savings, especially in highly competitive niches.

Sourcing for your SEO company

By now, you may be convinced that SEO is an essential tool in online marketing. Many businesses thrive on succeeding SEO, while others get lagging behind. SEO is not just a want anymore, it is a need. If customers cannot find your presence online, they probably will find and reach out to your competitors. You will be losing in this competitive arena sooner or later without declining sales.

Now that you want to source for a competent Singapore SEO company like SharkWeb or Notion Age to carry out SEO for you, there are some things you got to take note when doing so. Here are some pointers for you to find the right and effective SEO company.

1. Search for these SEO companies online, preferably through search engines. If these SEO companies in Singapore are able to rank their own website high on search engines for relevant keywords, chances are they can do it for you too. They have proven to be an expert in the area. Do note that there is only 10 links on the first page of the search engines. There may be tens and hundreds of Singapore SEO companies competing for these ten spots. Finding these SEO companies on the first page of the search engines show that these are the best of the best SEO companies around in Singapore.

2. Search online for their reviews. Being good in SEO is not enough. These companies must be willing to carry out SEO in full force for you. They must not carry out poorly-optimized SEO work for you due to cost constraints or wanting to achieve a higher profit margin for themselves. Sift out if they harbour any selfish intentions by checking out their reputations online.

3. Search for these SEO companies, online via search engines again after 1 month. There are SEO companies that use unethical SEO techniques to rank themselves and their clients high on search engines. Usually, these websites will be penalised by the search engines and their previous ranking will just be temporary as the search engine de-index their website from their database. SEO should be for the long-term and not short-term. Hence, make sure these SEO companies are not using unethical techniques.

Some of the best SEO companies in Singapore I know are Shark Web, SEO Agency and PurpleClick.

Building A High Conversion Website Design

As mentioned in my previous post, SEO services can only benefit businesses in Singapore if these businesses have a high converting website design as well. This is why I want to talk about how constitutes the elements of a website design which converts virtually most of its web visitors into paying customers or at least, sales leads.

Getting a good website design for your Singapore business right from the start is crucial. This is because every corporate website has two main purposes – to brand the business and to get sales. If you need a recommendation, do check out Shark Web – http://www.sharkweb.com.sg/

Brand the business

Every business nature in Singapore is different – some cater to the premium market for their product or services while others are the cheap and no frills product or services.

It is crucial that your website design gives off the impression that you want others to have about your business. Today, many businesses may not have a physical storefront – even Zalora, clothing giant in Singapore, does not have one. But the website design is superb and gives people the impression that its business is legitimate and they sell quality products.

Similarly, you want this to be the case for your website as well. As much as possible, you want people to feel the way you want them to feel about your business just from looking at your website design. When you do this the right way, it is very easy to achieve this effect. Of course, if you’re not confident, I highly recommend you get a professional web design company in Singapore to help you out with the design and development of your corporate website.

Getting sales

Which business can survive without getting sales in one way or another? Even businesses in Singapore and websites which depends on advertisements has to get people to advertise on them if they want any substantial amount of cash flow from their business.

This is the reason why your website design has to have an attractive ‘above the fold’. Above the fold refers to the part of your website design which visitors do not have to scroll down to view. It needs to be attractive and should ideally contain your business’s unique selling proposition. It is just like the elevator pitch for your website design, really.

Now, your website design should also have a clear and obvious call to action area and submission button. You want your visitors to contact your business or purchase from you to eventually get sales and customers – hence this part of the web design for your Singapore business is ultra important. This is especially the case in Singapore where everyone is fickle minded and do not like to make decisions. You want people to make up their minds and make purchases from you upon seeing your call to action button.

Leveraging On SEO Services For Your Business

In the 1980s or even 1990s in Singapore, many businesses relied purely on hard working salesmen, cold calls and word of mouth marketing to grow their business. There is no doubt that still works, but its efficiency has dwindled tremendously as times go by. You can still grow your business through that, but you may take half a century to gain any respectable sized revenues (e.g. $50 million and above a year). By that time, inflation would have wiped out most of your business revenues and profits.

There are definitely quicker ways to grow your business in Singapore and quickly expand overseas. That secret is search engine optimization (SEO). Just like how cold calling could be much more efficient that sales people knocking on doors one by one, SEO in Singapore for your website is many more times more efficient and powerful than cold calling. This is because SEO attracts people who are already wanting to buy your type of product or service. When you combine Singapore SEO services with a great and high conversion rate corporate website, what you essentially get is a leverage (making use of the Internet) to help you expand your business much faster than anything else in Singapore.

As a fellow business owner with businesses even in ‘traditionally offline’ businesses in Singapore, I still got myself SEO services singapore (I got my SEO from Shark Web) for my corporate website. This was the single best investment in my website and business ever. Sales in Singapore exploded ever since as everyone was finding me on the top of search engine Google and flocking to my stores without me doing any form of physical or online advertising.

In fact, Nielsen has shown that over 94% of people trust organic SEO results on Google search engine more and click on them. I guess that is one of the most possible reasons why I actually got to where I am.

Want fast SEO results? Think again.

Search engine optimsiation (SEO) is the optimisation of your website rankings on search engines so that more online users will be able to find and learn about your business online. The higher your search ranking, the more visible your business is. SEO provides a great, passive stream of highly quality customers to your business. These people are already thinking of purchasing your company’s products and services, and are considering which vendors to purchase from. It will be much easier to close them as compared to closing a cold prospect who is not interested at your products and services at the start.

You may have bought the idea of getting SEO services and now wants to carry out SEO for your business. Good choice! As SEO is very difficult to master and lots of resources are needed to execute it, many businesses in Singapore choose to outsource it to a SEO company Singapore like Shark Web Singapore. The first few questions that are always asked by these businesses are, “How long will it take to achieve results for my website?”, “What is the pricing like?”, and “How do you do it?”. These are all legitimate questions but it will be too dangerous to assume that you can achieve SEO results fast, meaning, to rank your website from nowhere to first few pages of the search engine suddenly. If the SEO company in Singapore you approached promises that, then they are probably using unethical SEO methods for your website.

Unethical SEO methods can result in sudden disappearance of your search engine ranking. This means that while your website can be on page 2 today, it could be on page 30 the next day. This is not normal and should not happen to a normal website with a normal SEO done on it. In another words, your website is penalized if that happens by the search engines. Search engines outlined ethical methods to rank on them and expects businesses to follow these guidelines. Only by following these ethical guideline, your SEO results will be long-term.

Always think and plan for the long-term instead of short term gains. Remember that the objective of SEO is to always get passive customers coming to you, in the long-term basis. Thus make sure only to work with ethical and the best SEO companies in Singapore to ensure long term success for your business!!

Importance of digital / online marketing

The way people lives and interacts now drastically changed as compared to just 2 decades ago. Technology has been picking up and evolving so rapidly that it changes our lives extraordinarily. Just a decade ago, it is common for the kids to hang out with their friends to play old-school games such as marbles and hop-scotch in Singapore.

You don’t see that anymore now. The new generation of kids are exposed to iPad or other electronic tablets, smartphones, and high speed computers with high speed internet connection. They basically are glued to the electronic devices for a large part of their lives daily. Even the adults behaved this way. A large portion of the adults’ lives is spent surfing the internet. They could be visiting the social media sites to keep in touch with their friends’ lives, or reading the news, or for entertainment purposes. Internet has brought much convenience to people in the world. Huge amount of information can be accessed by anyone with just a few clicks.

The rise of internet changes the game plan for many industries. New businesses rose and companies which cannot adapt to the new environment fell. Internet also changes the way marketing is carried out. Marketing is essentially going where everyone is, and putting a piece of advertisement right in front of them. With billions of people connected to the internet daily, it is no surprise that digital / online marketing emerged.

Digital / online marketing is the formulation and execution of digital marketing strategies and solutions. Any form of marketing or advertisements that can be done to reach online users are considered digital marketing, including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), mass email, forum advertisement posting, or blog posting. The list is not exhaustive. The beauty of online marketing is that it is just so versatile and flexible. Anyone can create a creative and attractive online marketing solution to capture attention of the mass online users.

The importance of digital marketing cannot be undermined. With so many online users daily, digital marketing can greatly improved your business’s sales and branding. Digital marketing opens up the possibility of reaching limitless number of people in the world, and can also stretch across physical boundaries. You can reach the audience residing in another country easily through internet. These are much harder to achieve using traditional forms of marketing such as TV advertisements and physical banners.

Digital marketing has been a game-changer and wise businesses rush to it. If online users can’t see your business online, they see your competitors. Capture your market share through digital marketing as soon as you can and expand and solidify your market share!